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So Many Questions, 1 Off-Season To Figure Them Out

Bill Michaels
December 16, 2018 - 10:36 pm

The end of the Packers post-season hopes came at the expense of a typical 2018 performance.  Green Bay made plays here and there.  The Packers played tough for 2 and a half to 3 quarters of football.  Then, the quarterback and the offense stalled and left them, and their fans, wondering why have things gone so wrong. 

That exact question will be asked over and over again this off-season as GM Brian Gutenkunst will try to figure out a myriad of issues.

1.  What happened to the highest paid quarterback?  While Rodgers has shown those flashes of brilliance, he has yet to be “Aaron Rodgers” for a full 4 quarters of football.

2.  Where can he get offensive lineman to protect his long-term investment.

3.  Is there a WR or two that will gel instantly with 12.

4.  Is there an effective pass rusher, durable corner, ferocious down lineman on the market or in the draft that can contribute right now?

And last but most importantly….

5.  Is there a good, offensive minded head coach out there?

The start on 2019 began when the Soldier Field's clock struck 0.