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29 Years Later And He's Still OUT

Bill Michaels
March 20, 2018 - 9:03 pm

29 years ago, yesterday, March 20th, 1989 Major League Baseball began an investigation into the lifestyle and gambling accusations of the Hit King, Peter Edward Rose.  I was 22 years old at the time and remember it like it was yesterday.  The rumors screamed loudly that Charlie Hustle had been hanging out with low ball steroid dealers who also collected bets for bookies who leaked word that the all-time hit leader had indeed committed the cardinal sin and bet on his own sport. 

The investigation culminated with Rose accepting a lifetime ban under the impression that he would be able to apply for reinstatement after 1 year.

29 years later Rose is still not welcome back to the sport that he loves.  And you know what, he never will be. 

We’re a forgiving society, right?  Well Rose defiantly and unsuccessfully argued his innocence both loudly and arrogantly for years. Then, finally when he felt his time slipping away, he admitted his wrongdoing but did it in a book and then held that book signing in a casino. 

I grew up in Cincinnati and like so many baseball fans, I idolized Those who made up The Big Red Machine.  Foster, Geronimo, Griffey, Rose, Concepcion, Morgan, Perez and Bench but Rose….he was the stand-out heart and soul. When Rose took the life-time ban, we all, astonished, proclaimed, “Say it ain’t so Pete”, BUT, “If it’s true, apologize and take your medicine then come back to us fans”.

 I'm now 51 and while my emotions have waivered back and forth, my final opinion still remains, he’s not welcome back…..yet.