Frustration sets in as Rodgers air mails yet another pass at Ford Field

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Can Aaron Rodgers Return To Aaron Rodgers

Bill Michaels
December 29, 2019 - 11:32 pm

How bad did the Packers (Aaron Rodgers) look in the first half of the game in Detroit? 

Aaron Rodgers had 16 overthrows that fell to the turf as incompletions Vs. the Lions on Sunday.

Yup, you’re right, this was a career high (or low) for Rodgers and it also tied for the most by an NFL quarterback since ESPN began tracking them in 2006.

That’s how bad he was.

If you listen to the receivers after the game, they just want to chalk it up to “communication” and the offense being out of “sync” but we all know what they mean….right?

However, I never expected Green Bay’s receivers to say, “We were open and Aaron just missed us”. 

Now we turn our sights to the post-season.  Specifically, Sunday, January 12th.

Can Aaron Rodgers look himself in the mirror, understand his shortcomings, correct his mistakes and lead this team that needs the magic of it’s quarterback more than ever this season?

To me, Rodgers hasn’t played consistent “Aaron Rodgers Football” since his collarbone break back in 2017. While he has shown us flashes of what once was, the consistency just hasn’t been there. 
Statistically, Rodgers is still very solid but could his unwillingness to take a risk (because his arm accuracy isn’t what it used to be) take away from his ability to trust his receivers knowing that he doesn’t trust himself in tight windows anymore?  Rodgers ranks 30th in accuracy throwing in to tight windows (per Stats Inc and ESPN Stats).

Whatever the reasons, the Packers are back in the post-season and while the Packers have a run game to support their QB, Rodgers will still have to play above average to get his team to Miami.