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Are The Norwegians Really That Much Better

Bill Michaels
February 25, 2018 - 6:56 pm

The Norwegian’s dominated the Winter Olympics.  A country with roughly the same population as Minnesota, how did they find so many athletes capable of winning medals vs. the rest of the world?

Norway has a methodology.  That methodology is; don’t put pressure on the kids.  Don’t keep score until it’s time for true competition.  Allow the kids to enjoy the sport for the fun of the sport rather than eat it, breathe it, sleep it 24-7 like many of us American’s believe.

So naturally the immediate reaction on our behalf is, “We’ve gotta change the system.  No more keeping score and force our kids to have fun”.

Before you take the knee jerk reaction, think of a couple of things that aren’t taken into consideration.

Are the youth in Norway exposed to anything else such as the inundation of electronics?  Do the parents of Norwegian kids force their youth to get off of the couch and actually do something outside?  What is the socioeconomic differences?  What is the actual availability of equipment, coaching and venues for their athletes vs. ours? 

Before we stop keeping score, just take a longer look before we leap.  In my opinion, competition still matters.