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Can The Brewers Take The Next Step

Bill Michaels
February 06, 2019 - 12:07 am

The trucks are loaded and they’re on their way southwest.  From bats to bubble gum, hats to helmets, pullovers to pine tar, the Brewers semis are on the road towards the 2019 season.  The big question is can this team replicate, and go one step farther, from what we witnessed last year?

Can they?  Of course.  But….everything has to go right.

Christian Yellich has got to keep up his torrid offensive pace all the while remaining healthy.  Lorenzo Cain can’t be far behind.  You need a full offensive season from both Arcia and Shaw and Aguilar has got to remain consistent.  Can Braun stay in the line-up for 110+ games and can Grandal add the additional offensive punch to give the Crew that extra umph to get over the hump.

But the season hinges upon 2 things.
1.  The pitching rotation and 2. Can Craig Counsel make all the right moves when it comes to batters, innings and game use of his bullpen.

The answer is unequivocally yes.  It can happen….but will it. I can’t wait to find out.