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Bucks And Refs To Blame

Bill Michaels
April 24, 2018 - 9:38 pm

Bad shot selection, not taking the ball to the rack, missing wide open shots and, again, digging yourself a hole and spending all of your energy just trying to come back, that’s a recipe that yet again has doomed the Milwaukee Bucks in the post-season. 

Did I mention the 124 vs. 94 foul disparity in favor of the Celtics?  Oh, and a shot clock violation that wasn’t called and a back-court violation that was missed in favor of the guys in green?

The Bucks did themselves no favors and have, well 99% of themselves to blame for the loss.

BUT…when you’re trying to climb out of your own ineptness and the officiating becomes an opponent as well, that’s when you just have to realize, the NBA just doesn’t want you there….at least not yet.

From the time that, then, NBA Commissioner, the Joker….ala David Stern had Scotty Williams removed from the Bucks game during the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001 to the craptastic officiating display we’ve seen thus far, just tell us it’s Cleveland and Golden State or Houston and quit wasting out time.

Put it this way, look at the numbers; in game 6, if you called just 1…1 foul on the Bucks and 30 on the Celtics, the Bucks would STILL have more fouls called against them in this series.