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The Bucks Are Dysfunctional

Bill Michaels
March 20, 2018 - 11:00 am

Watching the Milwaukee Bucks, in prime time, against the Cleveland Cavaliers, was to say the least, disappointing.  To say the most, disheartening.

While Lebron James racked up a triple double, it wasn’t only James who beat the Bucks on Monday night.  Think of it this way, the Bucks shot 51.1% from the field and STILL LOST 121-117.  AND....AND the Bucks MADE 2 more buckets, from the field, than the Cavs did.  

That’s a direct reflection of the inability to consistetly shoot the 3 and an effortless defense.  You almost have to try and play poorly on the defensive end to shoot that well and still lose.

New GM, same story.  Trade for Bledsoe, same story.  Jabari Parker comes back, same story.  Fire Jason Kidd, same story.  Play well shortly for Joe Prunty but ultimately same story. I can't quite put my finger on it but this team is dysfunctional.  Use whatever adjective you would like; selfish, poor fundamentally, lazy, lethargic....(insert your opinion here) but it's not working. 

As I discussed yesterday on the air, I have a gut feeling that we're witnessing the height of the "rebuild".  You know what that means?  Yeah, the future is now and it's not at all what we were hoping for.  This teams needs a true "big man", a "shooter" and more bench depth.  That's a lot to ask of any GM in a single off-season.  If Horst (Bucks GM) can't pull that off, then next year, the year that the Bucks were really targeting for a true Top-4 run in the Eastern Conference, will be yet just another year of "Own The Future".  The casual Bucks fan is already saying, "When will the REAL future be NOW"?  I agree with them.

At what point does this Bucks team look themselves in the mirror and say, it’s not the GM, or the head coach, or the building, or the opponent, or the fan support….it’s the guy that I’m staring back at.