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Bucks Open FiServ Forum And Now Must Win

Bill Michaels
August 27, 2018 - 11:41 pm

Well the FiServ Sorum is officially open and now we wait. No, not for comedian Jim Gaffigan or the star power of Justin Timberlake but for something even brighter with more bling, the Jim O’Brien Trophy.

The Milwaukee Bucks new home opens its doors with a promise that has lead to optimism, real optimism.

After all, the Bucks have the Greek Freek right?  The Bucks have a new head coach and…..well, that’s about it.  Yeah, there have been a few pieces that have changed but not much else.  So, what leads us to believe that the Bucks are destined to hoist the trophy any time soon?

You have one year to breathe in deep that new building smell because after that, you have a big year of free agency and the following year, Giannis decides on a new contract and where that next contract will be played out. 

So, optimism better turn into post-season successful reality soon otherwise you will have opened a half a billion-dollar paperweight.