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Can The Brewers Complete The Rebuild On Time

Bill Michaels
January 17, 2018 - 6:22 pm

The Milwaukee Brewers have done an excellent job of being completely transparent in regard to their rebuild.  They have also excelled by not promising a specific year as to the rebuilds completion.  No, the Brewers aren’t trying to string along their fans they are merely not promising a specific year so if circumstances do not allow the full culmination, they are not standing there with egg on their face while fans claim the franchise lied to them.

We are now entering year 3 of the rebuild process.  Yeah, I know it seems longer right!  Stearns’ team excelled last year creating optimism and expectation this coming season.  While many want to see the Brewers begin to delve into the free agent market, the smart money is betting on next off-seasons’ bumper crop of pitchers.

1 problem!

It seems that every team with money to spend is targeting NEXT year as the off-season to spend.  Now, that could mean the prices could fall overall but it could also mean that the Brewers could be out bid by other franchises with more resources thus leaving the Brewers and their fans wondering how in the world they’re going to finally reach their ultimate goal. I mean in reality, you should never have to wait more than 5 years for a rebuild to be complete…..right?