Capers AND Thompson OUT

Bill Michaels
January 01, 2018 - 9:56 pm

Mike McCarthy didn’t waste much time after the team plane landed in Green Bay after their ugly season finale vs. the Detroit Lions.

The rumors were strong that Dom Capers had already been told that he was out of a job but in addition to Capers release, DL coach Mike Trgovac and MLB coach Scott McCurley were both jettisoned as well.

But was it the coaching that was really the defensive downfall? Most of us admit that this trio of coaches weren’t all that bad, it was just time.  So, if the coaching wasn’t that bad, then you would have to point the finger directly at the one who gathers the talent….GM Ted Thompson.

Well the Packers President and/or the board of directors agree with that premise as well.  Thompson has been reassigned, which is a polite way of saying, “You’re getting older and we’ll let you hang around, but you’re reign as head of football in Green Bay is over.

Ask yourself this when making a statement as to whom YOU want to see moving in to the GM role?
1.  Are they a good scout and 2. Do you want someone from inside 1265?  Think about it….if you want someone who does things like Ted Thompson does, they why change GM’s at all?