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Kirk Cousins, Think Before You Hit Enter

Bill Michaels
February 19, 2019 - 10:51 pm

Aaron Rodgers is still the cream of the crop when it comes to quarterbacking in the NFC North. He’s the overall best QB and he’s the smartest.  He’s articulate and calculated when it comes to things that he says, tweets and posts. 

The Vikings quarterback on the other hand, well, he’s not. He’s nowhere near as talented and he really needs to think before he hits “enter”.

Cousins tweeted out, “In 2010, I was mad at @KingJames for leaving Cleveland...but I’ve been in Miami for a total of 5 min and now I totally understand.”

Innocuous yes and I’m sure he didn’t specifically mean anything by it but you have to know…you have to know that people living in Minnesota are not going to take too kindly to the guy that’s getting 90 million guaranteed to quarterback their team, dissing’ cold weather. 

He hasn’t won more than 10 games or a post-season game in his money-making career…and now he prefers Miami.

He Minnesotans, Skol Cousins?  I didn’t think so.