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Anthony Davis To The Bucks? What A Nice Thought

Bill Michaels
February 04, 2019 - 10:45 pm

So Anthony Davis says that the Milwaukee Bucks are one of 4 teams that he wouldn’t mind being traded to and then signing long-term.  That’s great but there are 2 problems there.

1.  I don’t think the Bucks have enough pieces to put into the deal.

And 2.  With Giannis coming up on the Super Max contract, that won’t allow much cash to sign Davis and fortify the rest of the team.

The only…the ONLY way this works is if both mega stars agree to take less money to acquire players that will accentuate their talents.

Then again, you’ll run into push back from the Players Association because they certainly don’t want either guy settling for less cash, therefore driving down the price for superstar talent. 

In this case there are just too many circumstances that the Bucks would have to overcome to make this blockbuster deal happen. BUT, if John Horst could pull this off, he would be an NBA GM God.

But, in reality, this is kind of like an actor that doesn’t win the Academy Award, it’s nice to be nominated.