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Northwestern's Fitzgerald Reported To Interview With Packers

Bill Michaels
December 30, 2018 - 11:32 am

Ask yourself this; would Northwestern Head Football Coach, Pat Fitzgerald, be interviewing for the Green Bay job if he wasn’t a friend of Packers President Mark Murphy?

As much as I think that Fitzgerald has done an admirable job making Wildcat football relevant again in Evanston, Illinois, what qualifies him to be “the man” in Green Bay?   He has never played or coached a single down in the NFL and yet somehow there are those who believe that he has the qualifications to step into a professional locker room and command respect.

Look, this might be a good, or “ok” at best, idea for a team completely rebuilding but for an established, veteran team, led by a 35 year old quarterback, what can Fitzgerald bring that no one else in the NFL can?

The Packers don’t have time to screw around with the learning curve of a rookie head coach, they have enough rookies on the field that they are depending on.  The window is closing on Rodgers’ career and you can not waste yet another year of it.

If Murphy pulls the trigger on Fitzgerald and this fails, Murphy will forever cement his legacy as the president who tore down what it took Bob Harlan to rebuild. 

Who cares about the Titeltown District if fans are too disgusted to show up to see it.  This head coaching decision HAS to be the right one, there is way too much riding on it