Bill Michaels
January 09, 2018 - 9:11 pm

It appears that former Browns head coach, Mike Pettine, has been hired as the Packers new defensive coordinator.  Don’t let the “Browns” moniker fool you, when Pettine was with the Bills and the Jets, as their defensive coordinators, his defenses were always in the top 10 overall.  Better against the pass than the run but still, that’s light years ahead of where the Packers D has been in the last few years.

Pettine comes from the Rex Ryan coaching tree and is considered a better version of Ryan.  I was told that Pettine’s very good at “game planning” and “really good at using guys in the right way”.  That’s good to hear because he, like Capers, runs a complex defensive strategy that, as we’ve heard in the past, can be difficult for the younger player to grasp.

Oh by the way, for those asking, he’s a side line guy as opposed to Capers who preferred to be up in the coaches booth above the field.

So between Gutekunst, Philbin and now Pettine, it appears that the Packers have all but finished restocking their front office shelves.  Now let’s see who they’ll coach next season.