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Gotta Buyem This Year

Bill Michaels
February 07, 2018 - 11:15 pm

At the end of the season, when it really counted the most, Cubs fans filled Miller Park in record numbers.  Fans of the Brewers criticized others, and the team, for allowing so many of “those fans” into what they so fondly call now, “Wrigley North”.

Here’s a little lesson; when single game tickets went on sale, Cubs fans bought them up at that time.  Remember, the Brewers were in the midst of a rebuild and not expected to win more than 78 games.  On the other hand, the Cubs had just won the World Series and were expected to compete for baseballs highest honor yet again.  So, what the Brewers fans didn’t want to purchase, the avid Cubs fans did.  Also, let’s not forget, it’s easier to get a ticket to Miller Park than it is to get a seat in the ballpark to the south.

The moral of the story, Brewers single game seats go on sale February 17th.  Brewers fans know now that their team is expected to be competitive and quite possibly as good as the Cubs.  So buy the tickets and fill Miller Park otherwise you have no one to complain about but yourself.