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It's time to bring him in

Bill Michaels
August 16, 2018 - 11:28 pm

The Packers are 2 pre-season games in to this young 2018 campaign and it’s time.  It’s time to get it done.

Ron Wolf went out and found Reggie White and that started the ball rolling for the Lombardi Trophy returning to Title Town.  Ted Thompson took Brett Favre at his word when it came to retirement because he knew what he had found in Aaron Rodgers.  Ted then brought in a defensive machine in Charles Woodson and the rest is history. 

After watching this defense for the last few years and now the last few games, it’s time for Brian Gutekunst to put his stamp on history and go out, be bold, and bring in Khalil Mack.

Defensive nasty, defensive leadership, defensive attitude and skills all come to this team the minute Mack walks through the door.

I know Aaron Rodgers and the Packers want to get a deal done to make the QB the highest paid player in the NFL but once Matthews and Cobb exit, Mack’s 20+ million dollar a year deal becomes a lot easier to swallow.
If defense indeed wins championships, then this move is a no brainer…..don’t overthink it.