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Harper Is The $330 Million Man

Bill Michaels
February 28, 2019 - 10:13 pm

The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes are over and the Philadelphia Phillies are…well, sort of the winners. 

Really Harper himself is the big winner.

13 years, $330 million.  That’s roughly $25.384 million a year for, what we would assume to be, the rest of his playing career.  He’s a Phillies for life.

With the biggest signing in MLB history now complete, I wonder what the Players Association is going to complain about now?

While Harper had somewhat of a down year last year, he still was one of the better hitters after the All Star game slugging .300 with 11 home runs, 46 RBIs and 46 runs scored in 223 at-bats after the mid-summer classic.

It’s big, exciting news for the Philadelphia fan base, and I’m sure a marketing boon in the immediate future.  But you have to wonder 2 things:  How will the contract pan out over the next 13 years and if this is what Harper’s worth….how much will Mike Trout command when he becomes a free agent after the 2020 season?