He's Exploiting His Kids For Self-Gain

Bill Michaels
December 04, 2017 - 9:12 pm

Lavar Ball, originally, was being touted as an involved father who was doing what’s best for his kids.

You simply can’t say that anymore.  He’s using his kids as tools.  Not to live vicariously through them but as a means to an end for him and the self-proclaimed brand he “invented”. 

Ball has now pulled his middle son, LiAngelo, out of UCLA because he claims that his son is being treated worse by the Bruins than in China after he and two other teammates committed the crime of shoplifting. 

Note to Lavar Ball, NO, your son was suspended indefinitely from playing basketball.  That’s called accountability vs. the actual jail and work-camp the Chinese Government wanted to put him in for his CRIME.

The eldest Ball is a character that he has created to “reach the lowest hanging fruit” and what’s worse, this “image” has been perpetuated by the media who has allowed this moron to gain a pulpit to spew his self-indulgent verbal bile. I feel dirty for even talking about this guy.

Past guests on the Jerry Springer Show want to thank Ball for taking the bar and lowering to ground level. They no longer feel like the lowest common denominator.