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He's Not Back......Yet

Bill Michaels
April 02, 2018 - 10:44 pm

Phil has a win, Jordan’s playing well, Bubba is always right there, Rory says he feels great, but all eyes will once again be on Tiger.

Is he back?  Come on….he hasn’t won anything in recent history so how can he be back?

What promises to be one of the most watched Masters in history, at least for the first few days depending on who does and doesn’t make the cut, it’s because of the vast array of promising stars and Tiger’s presence. 

Will he play well?  Will he play well for 4 straight days?  If Tiger is relevant in the red shirt and black pants on Sunday this could break viewing records unlike we’ve ever seen.

Let’s face it, day one and two, viewers are in two camps: One camp will be watching to hopefully check out the return and rise of an icon.  The other camp will be NASCAR viewers; always looking for a great race but ultimately wanting to see an epic crash and burn.

Either way, Tiger’s the focus and everyone else seems to be filler.