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How Far Will The Bucks Go

Bill Michaels
April 04, 2018 - 10:44 pm

The Bucs have clinched their place in the post-season.  Reason to celebrate or do you cringe at the thought of Milwaukee getting bounced yet again from the first round?

Now, what will the Bucks final seed be and who will they play?  The Bucks, 42-36, currently stand in the 8th seed and would face Toronto if the playoffs were today.  However, there is only 4 games separating the Bucks from the 5th seed with 4 games yet to play.

The Bucks could face the banged-up Boston Celtics in the first round, at least that would give them a fighters chance.  Otherwise they could face Lebron and the Cavs, who don’t lose in the first round….not with the King they don’t.  What about facing the upstart, hot, 76ers? 

Watching this Bucks team play over the last month or so, I keep asking myself, does it matter?

This team who can beat anyone hasn’t proven that they can beat anyone consistently so, like many of you, I cringe that the thought of yet another early post-season exit.  We’ll see.