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The Ice Bowl; What If

Bill Michaels
December 28, 2017 - 11:48 pm

I will admit something to you that seemingly no one else will ever admit; I was not at the Ice Bowl.

With wind chills at -48 below 0, I don’t think that I’d want to be either.  That being said, a least according to those who I have spoken to, the other 840,000 plus people that WERE there, witnessed history on so many levels.

Think about this, had the Packers not scored on that infamous quarterback sneak, the Vince Lombardi Trophy could now be named the Tom Landry Trophy.  The lore that is Lombardi, might not be to the legendary level that it is today.  Had the Packers not won, the number of Packers in the Hall of Fame might not be as plentiful, and Lombardi would have never achieved his goal of winning 3 championships in a row.  The Packers went on to win Super Bowls I and II.  It took the Cowboys 3 more years to get to the Super Bowl and 4 years to finally win one. 

By the way, there were actually 50,861 fans on that frigid day