Brewers RP Matt Albers

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What Else For The Brewers Rebuild

Bill Michaels
August 20, 2019 - 10:48 pm

Welcome to the rollercoaster drop in Milwaukee Brewers 2019 season.

After they won 5 straight, and climbed to within a game of the top spot in the National League Central, as predicted, they then go out and lose 6 out of their last 8 and all the while giving up a whopping 57 runs over that same span.  That’s a 7.125 runs per game average and an a team ERA of 6.66.

Something caught my ear last night; Brewers television play by play man Brian Anderson said, “Counsel still having a hard time finding consistency with his relievers.”  While that statement is true on it’s face, it’s indicative of the season.  They are now 126 games into this campaign with 36 to play. I hate to say it but there isn’t consistency to be found with this pitching staff.

The Brewers are 4 games back, and while they still hold their fate in their own hands, the light is beginning to flicker.  Between the injuries to the starting rotation, the relievers, the subpar years out of guys like Cain, Arcia, Shaw and Aguilar it’s actually amazing that the Brewers have held on as long as they have.

Here’s the question, with no real assets in the minors and the cry of small market poor mouth every time the discussion comes up about acquiring any type of good, veteran free agent; is the light not only flickering on the season….but the rebuild as well?