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Manziel Kicked Out Of The CFL

Bill Michaels
February 27, 2019 - 11:45 pm

Jonny Manziel is back in the news for violating the contractual agreement he had in place with the CFL and thus he has been terminated. CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie, told every team in the league that Manziel is basically no longer allowed to play football in Canada.

How bad do you have to be to be told to get out….again.

While some may look at Manziel’s fall from grace as tragic, I personally look at Manziel and say, “I saw it coming…..I think anyone with common sense saw this coming”.  The combination of poor parenting and a garbage head who couldn’t handle the least amount of fame, set a path that led to a concoction of arrogant stupidity. 

No one wanted to reign him in and this is what you get.  While he never really had the talent to play in the NFL to begin with, no one close to him had the sense to tell him that he might want to get an education just in case his $100 arm didn’t match his .20 cent head. 

I don’t feel sorry for him at all.  Karma has a way of serving you humble pie.  Eat it Johnny.