Let The Search Begin

Bill Michaels
January 02, 2018 - 11:13 pm

So Ted Thompson is still the GM until a new GM can be found.  He’s also making personnel decisions until a new GM can be found.  Meanwhile Alonzo Highsmith is off to Cleveland and one of the chosen 3, Elliott Wolf, Russ Ball and Brian Gutekunst, awaits to be the anointed one while the other 2 contemplate their future within the Packers, or another, organization. 

I listened to Packers President, Mark Murphy, speak yesterday and it sure sounded like he was committed to an all-out search for the best possible candidate to run the Green & Gold without eliminating anyone currently working inside 1265. 

Once you cut away all the political-speak, one thing Murphy said that rang extremely true, “We’ve got some good people here and I don’t want to los’em but I also think the most important thing is to get it right”.

Feelings be dammed, as we’ve always said, “No one is bigger than the Green Bay Packer”.