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He was long overdue

Bill Michaels
August 08, 2018 - 8:59 pm

When the Pro Football Hall Of Fame opened its doors to Jerry Kramer, it received a football player, yes….but so much more.

A Packer, gentleman, a scholar, a philosopher, teacher, historian and a father.

After speaking with Jerry yesterday, he harkened back to his moment on that stage in Canton, Ohio.  After almost 5 decades of waiting, the bitterness and resentment melted from Jerry’s heart and was replaced by the moment, the enormity of what the hall represents, the company he will be joining and the thoughts of those he played with…both those that wished him well and those that were no longer around to celebrate what the Lombardi Packers, and Jerry Kramer, accomplished.

For you see, the Hall Of Fame honors the player but the player knows that they couldn’t stand on that stage without the team.  Kramer gazed upon the crowd as he delivered his well-articulated speech, and that’s the moment he knew, it’s not about him, it’s about the Vince Lombardi led Packers and the values that still reside with him today.

Congratulations Jerry.