Aaron Jones gets swarmed under

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Where Do The Packers Go From Here

Bill Michaels
January 19, 2020 - 8:16 pm

The Packers and their fans flew west in an attempt to extract some revenge from a week 12 embarrassing loss at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers.

Since that loss, the Packers have reeled off 6 straight wins and came into the Sunday night NFC Championship contest with momentum and confidence.  

Unfortunately, those 2 things alone will not garner you a victory. 

Green Bay’s talent level was not only exposed but they were punched squarely in the nose and did nothing more than lay there bleeding profusely.

Here comes the off-season.  In the short days to come, there will be a lot of finger-pointing, venting of anger towards the quarterback and his high dollar contract and towards a rookie head coach who was easily figured out during his 2 meetings into the bay area.

GM Gutekunst has work to do, yes.  But in a season where most had this team pegged with 10 wins max, you have to just appreciate how far they came in just 12 months.

Top 3 needs going in to the 2020 off-season:

1. Wide receiver – You need to find an experienced wide out opposite Davante Adams.  I don’t think you can draft a wide-out who is going to come in and be a true threat right away.  This offense, and Aaron Rodgers, doesn’t have time to wait for a “will he or will he not” unproven player. 
I’m sure other receivers will be drafted but you need a veteran presence here.

2.  Figure out what you’re doing with your right tackle position. Bulaga’s contract is up and he certainly played his tail off this season.  Unless you believe that you have a true back-up ready to step in and protect Aaron Rodgers, you must bring Bulaga back.

3.  Middle linebacker – As “solid” as Blake Martinez is, you need more speed and another thumper in the middle. This has been the soft underbelly for a while now and it’s obvious to everyone who can read the big “E” on any eye chart in North America.

That’s where you start….and go from there.