McCarthy's Legacy Is At Stake

Bill Michaels
October 23, 2017 - 12:49 pm

Remember last year when Packers head coach Mike McCarthy proclaimed to the world, “I’m a highly successful football coach”? 

At that point in time he still had a Hall of Fame bound quarterback in his stable of weapons.  Now, he has Brett Hundley, who has been in the “Mike McCarthy Quarterback School” for 3 years.

Whether he knows it or not, Hundley has Mike’s legacy in his hands….errrr his arm.   You see if McCarthy is truly the developer of talent, then Hundley will show, at the very least, great promise.  If he’s average, or less than average, #7 will make McCarthy’s quarterback tutelage merely a figment of our imagination.
On the opposite side of truth.....

Let’s say Hundley is above average, it still won’t make much difference this season with yet another year of a fundamentally poor, seemingly always confused defense.  Year in and year out we can always depend on defending Dom Capers because he has forgotten more football than we could ever learn.

But….with another year of bottom half D, either Ted or Dom will have to answer for this.

I've been a defender of Dom's because I have believed that he can only do so much with the talent that he has been given.  However, the mere fact that confusion and fundamentals seem to be the defenses identity, talent or not, you have to be responsible for that.  In my opinion, Dom's on a short leash....and needs to be.