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MLB & MLBPA Are About To Anger Fans

Bill Michaels
March 08, 2018 - 9:25 pm

The MLBPA is upset that there are so many, big name, high dollar, veteran free agents still on the market.  So much so that they have now filed a grievance against the Oakland A’s, the Miami Marlins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays.  The players association feels that these teams are not only doing everything they can NOT to win but that they’re pocketing the revenue sharing money instead of investing it back into the players.

What the MLBPA fails to comprehend is that there are current offers on the table for numerous free agents totaling over $2 billion, with a B, dollars.  It’s the players agents who are advising their clients not to sign.  The main gap between the teams and agents?  Years.  In a game where long term contracts rarely, if ever, pan out in favor of the ball club, younger GM’s are now going with the analytics and youthful sabermetrics over hundreds of millions of dollars in bad debt for just a few good years. 

In the grand scheme of things, while the owners get rich from billion-dollar sponsorships, fans aren’t going to fret over players not getting paid $200 million to play a game.