The NFL Needs To.....

Bill Michaels
February 20, 2018 - 7:49 pm

This off-season the NFL has some things to get right…..but will they.

First of all, they need to institute a targeting rule.  I know, I’m not totally in favor of it but it’s better than headhunters still on the field while those they target are being carted off.

Secondly, fix the catch rule.  This is really getting to be a joke.

Third, the replay situation must be tweaked.  There are far too many replays and too many interpretations for the common viewer to understand.  Heck even the broadcasters, those who are supposed to be in the know, don’t really get it. 

Fourth, get on the same page with the players association regarding the National Anthem.  Or at least get with the networks to stop covering who is and who isn’t standing.  This can’t be the subject matter after each and every game.

And last but not least, get back to local, home viewership before marketing yourself even more to those everywhere else.  While you’re the biggest novelty to those around the world, if they’re anything like those in the United States, without fixing 1 thru 4, you’ll eventually lose that audience too.