Meyer deserves to be fired, IF...

Bill Michaels
August 01, 2018 - 9:42 pm

When it comes to major college sports, nothing is bigger in the state of Ohio than Buckeye football.  And nothing, from no one, had better screw with the program or its head coach.  That’s usually the thought process from the passionate fan base.  That was until Jim Tressel lied to the NCAA and the university had no choice but to kick Tressel to the curb.

The Ohio State University once again finds itself in the throws of a coach who has allegedly lied to cover up wrongdoings within the program.

Former Assistant Coach Zach Smith, who was fired in July, has been accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence back in 2015 and, as she states, everyone knew about it and head coach Urban Meyer chose to “enable the abuser”.  Now we find out via, that there were 9 total police reports at the Smith home from 2012 thru 2018.

When asked if Meyer knew about the abuse, he denied knowing about some of the most recent incidents.  As you might have guessed, it’s now coming out that he had to know about it or everyone around him did everything they could to go out of their way to hide every detail of the abuse from the head coach.  What do YOU find more likely?

Championships or not, if the head coach had ANY knowledge regarding ANY of these incidents, Meyer deserves to be fired. As Joe Pa failed to protect kids at Penn State, Meyer failed to protect a woman from her abusive husband at Ohio State. 

If you’re a rabid fan who wants to make excuses to keep a head coach in his position….a winning head coach, then ask yourself…..if it were your daughter and the person who had the most power to help you or her, didn’t, how would you feel?

Don’t put winning over human life, well being and dignity.