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Packers Hire LaFleur But Is This Murphy's Kingdom

Bill Michaels
January 09, 2019 - 9:52 pm

What is Brian Gutekunst’s job again?  He’s the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, right?

Well he had better have control over the player personnel department otherwise, what’s he there for?

It seems as if Mark Murphy was putting his stamp all over this franchise as he addressed the media on Wednesday.  Murphy made it clear that HE, along with "Gutey" and Russ Ball, hired Mike McCarthy’s replacement.

While I believe that it truly was a trio of minds who took all 10 interviewed candidates into consideration, it was Murphy who made it clear, “No, he (new head coach Matt LaFleur) will answer to me”. Murphy said.

On one hand, Murphy could be shielding Gutekunst from what is considered a somewhat risky decision in case this doesn’t work out.

On the other hand, Murphy is firmly placing his stamp on his legacy and permanently marking his era of the Packers franchise.

Either way, the perception is that it’s Murphy’s team and he, along with Aaron Rodgers, will run it.  1 task down, now free agency and the draft to go. 

But who’s making the call?