Should Kenny Clark Be A Pro Bowler

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Are The Packers Really Lacking Pro Bowl Talent

Bill Michaels
December 17, 2019 - 10:14 pm

The Green Bay Packers are 11-3 with 2 to play.  They have locked up a post season spot and can solidify the division this week with a win over the Minnesota Vikings. 
They are well on their way to a 2 seed, or even a 1 seed of the chips fall in their direction.  Heck, the worst they can do is a 3 seed.
The turnaround from what we witnessed last season qualifies as an uplifting comradery compared to the seeming dysfunctionality that ultimately led to the career demise of Mike McCarthy in 2018. 
With all of that said, Green Bay was only able to muster 2…countem’ 2 Pro Bowlers.  The obvious; Aaron Rodgers and David Bakhitari.
Usually a team with such a flip from awful to awesome has more representation.
But in reality, ask yourself….who else deserved to be there?  Zadarius?  Kenny Clark?  You could make a legitimate argument. 

I just hope the rest of the rosters uses the snubs to play to pro bowl level come January.