Packers / Rodgers Rift Doesn't Bother Me

Bill Michaels
April 17, 2018 - 6:30 pm

He’s not leaving the Packers.  That’s the wildest level of unnecessary anxiety that I’ve heard so far.

All of the speculation and innuendo regarding Aaron Rodgers angst towards his team seems to be blown a bit out of proportion.  Green Bay’s quarterback stemmed the tide on a couple of rumors; he doesn’t have to be the highest paid player in the NFL and it’s a business and he will trust the process.

Now, he did insinuate that the Packers haven’t lived up to their public statements regarding the willingness to get a deal done.  You do have to ask yourself, if indeed it’s not about being the highest paid player, then why haven’t the two sides been able to reach an agreement?

Regardless what you believe, once Rodgers takes the field, the pads begin to thud, passes find their targets and wins begin to stack up, any dissension will fall by the wayside. 

Rodgers isn’t going anywhere, and the Packers wouldn’t be stupid enough to let this relationship deteriorate. 

No worries here.