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The Packers, As A Whole, Have Been Exposed

Bill Michaels
December 25, 2017 - 10:29 pm

For the second time this season the Packers were shut out at home.  In the game on Saturday night, the offense was woeful in many facets.  QB Brett Hundley made some bad decisions, the run game was abandoned, for whatever reason, on a night that you thought it would have been prevalent and then 7 drops from receivers and tight ends added to the embarrassment. 

Hundley, after 5 homes games, has yet to throw a TD pass.  In the mean time he has thrown 6 passes to the Packers opponent on the same field. 

At first glance you can say that without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers would struggle but after 8 and ½ games now, with Hundley under center, the Packers roster has been horribly exposed.
Hundley’s clearly not the answer and the rest of the roster, with maybe 3 to 4 exceptions, isn’t anything more than average and, for some younger players, filled with “potential”.  Although remember, when you have unfulfilled potential, you’re labeled a “bust”.

With Rodgers not getting any younger, and while I say this every year, this off-season is truly pivotal.