Belichick Caught Ripping Rodgers

Bill Michaels
November 06, 2018 - 8:44 pm

I’m sure Bill Belichick isn’t going to appreciate being caught by the NFL Film mics on the sideline giving his guys a pep-talk.  In addition, I’m sure he’s not going to appreciate being caught while making the statement that Aaron Rodgers has tried to throw his Patriots 2 picks and that the Packers QB is “just lobbing it up there”.

So while we focus, in the coming week, on Rodgers reaction to the comments by the modern day’s version of Vince Lombardi, pay attention to how teams attack the A-gap of the Packers moving forward.

If you know Belichick, he’s a master at exploiting the weaknesses of his opponent.  With that being said, he seems to think that the Packers guards are their weakest link.  Pressuring Rodgers up the gut and forcing him backwards seems to be the elixir as to how to beat the Packers sputtering offense.

But…the one thing the head man for the Patriots did state was for his defense to, “keep working the _____ out of those guards”. 

Those are the words that everyone is going to focus on because that’s what is considered “click bait”.