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Protests Alone Aren't The Reason For Declining Ratings

Bill Michaels
January 03, 2018 - 9:50 pm

While the NFL is still king, you can’t ignore the facts, for the second straight year, ratings are down.

It’s easy to be like Papa John and blame the protests but the reality is, it’s deeper than that.

The game itself has become disjointed with constant penalties and the never ending discussion about what is actually a catch.  When viewers seem to know more than those supposedly “in the know”, the credibility erodes quickly. 

Injuries have become a nuisance to those who gamble via fantasy football.  The rash of players losing playing time due to injury has reached an alarming crescendo. 

In addition, the changing of the guard has ushered in a new group of fan base hopefuls but the continual powers, at least in the NFC, seemed to struggle and that also turned off fanbases at the ¾ turn of the season.

And finally, you add in a younger group of would-be enthusiasts who are being told they cannot play a sport that could potentially injure their brains, they go elsewhere to dream of being in “the bigs” one day.

Individually, each one of these issues can be overcome but as they blend together and snowball, viewers grew tired of a seemingly disjointed league.