I Grew Up With Mean Gene As My Voice Of Wrestling Reason

Bill Michaels
January 02, 2019 - 8:01 pm

We know, wink wink….nod nod, that the wrestling world isn’t exactly the sport we all believed it was back when we were kids.  High flying athletes who come off the top rope to smash their opponent to the mat coupled with metal chairs across the head and steel caged death matches aren’t always on the up and up…right?

But, as a wide eyed 6th grader, I grew up listening to the words of the best interviewer who was going to get to the bottom of the animosity between grapplers.  Mean Gene Okerlund was my voice into those good guys and into the angst of those who I considered to be the villains. 

On May 6th, of 2016 Mean Gene stopped by my studio and graced us with his stories from the past, my childhood.  As I sat there and listened, I felt like a kid again remembering those stories that whisked me back to my age of innocence.

Mean Gene passed yesterday at the of 76.  I could almost hear Jesse The Body Ventura gruffly spouting, “Rest in peace Mean Gene, God needs that voice for his matches in heaven brother”.