Right Or Wrong; It's Wrong

Bill Michaels
February 27, 2018 - 8:16 pm

Two high schools are playing a basketball game near Milwaukee.  A player, a black player, from the visiting team goes to the free throw line.  Some students from the home team make monkey noises.

Is this wrong?  Of course it is. 

After some discussion, you find out that the students from the home team do this as a distraction vs. opponents, black or white, quite often. 

Is this still so wrong?  Of course it is.

In today’s day and age, whenever anything can be, within reason, derived as racist when any person of color is the target, it’s wrong. 
The kid or kids may truly be innocent and naïve in their hearts but in the court of public opinion, you will never, ever win that argument.

Education and the understanding of even the greyest of areas is the path to enlightenment because, let’s be honest here, once you’re painted with the “R-word”, that stain, right or wrong, will never wash off