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Former Packers Shields Journey Out Of Darkness

Bill Michaels
January 11, 2019 - 12:20 pm

A new, in depth story, done brilliantly by Sports Illustrated chronicles the incredible comeback story of former Packers CB Sam Shields.

From his lowest point where he was sitting in the dark at 3A calling his mom over to just sit with him and make him some soup, to the treatment that he finally discovered at UCLA’s Steve Tisch’s Brain Sports Program.

Shields missed birthday parties for his kids, his nieces, ridiculed for the cannabis that he kept in his home just to take the edge off the pain that he was suffering from. 

Shields is now back on the field and playing for the LA Rams and Sean McVay.  McVay told Shields that he believed in him and his ability.  Claiming that he was one of the top cover guys in the league before his injury.

After 31 regular season weekends, Shields has played an entire season and now stands back in the post-season looking for his 2nd ring.

Just a story and a journey to think about it you’re looking for someone to root for this weekend.