Sausages Yes, Klement's No

Bill Michaels
January 23, 2018 - 10:59 pm

The rubber-stamp is no more.  The Milwaukee Brewers, with something obviously up their sleeve, have completely broken off talks with the Klement’s sausage company thus ending their 25-year standing title “The Klement’s Racing Sausages”.

Nothing brings baseball fans to their feet like a long moon-shot homerun. A close second, the announcement professing the arrival of the stand-up dogs as they enter though the left field gate.  Once they take their mark, wagering for beers and brats begins in the stands.  The loud word “GOOOOO” ignites screams and cheers while children’s eyes widen just to get a glimpse of the Klement’s Racing Sausages.

Now while only the Klement’s name goes away, and thank God not the actual costumed running wieners, still….there will be something missing, something sad, when the booming voice of PA Announcer, Rob Edwards, delivers the Opening Day introduction of everyone’s fan favorites. 

Short of Bernie Brewer, there’s nothing more connected with baseball in Milwaukee. 

Now….we can only guess as to the franchise’s next sausage title holder.