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The Patriots Win A Snoozer But Will Still Wear The Ring

Bill Michaels
February 04, 2019 - 12:09 am

We want it to be pretty, exciting, worth our time, a track meet yet with enough big defensive moments to make us eww and ahhh at every turning point.

Those are all the things we didn’t see in Super Bowl XLIII.  What we saw was 2 defenses who played their guts out and two coaches scheme everything they could to beat their opponent.  We saw all-pro’s look mediocre and many couldn’t wait to knit pick, what is considered to be, the greatest QB / head coach combo in the history of the game.

What we witnessed was a hard-fought game and history unfolding before our very eyes.  6 Super Bowl wins in 9 tries.  More appearances in the sports biggest game for Belichick and Brady than any other sports franchise in it’s entirety.

And the last I checked, you only need to win by 1 to get yourself a ring.  Style points only count in the College Football Poll Rankings.  Not in the NFL.