Only A Few Places The Super Bowl Should Call Home

Bill Michaels
January 27, 2019 - 8:39 pm

We left the cold of Wisconsin and arrived in the cold of Atlanta.  Well, kind of.  You see, as I left Best Buy last night the woman behind the register told me, “Bundle up, it’s getting cold out there”.   It was 48.
I smiled and told her I will and then strolled out of the door wearing just a light pull over for a jacket.

Weather aside, the Super Bowl is in town and there are festivities everywhere.  The NFL is no longer a league but an experience, a magnanimous entity that swallows up an entire region this time every year. 

The game itself has almost become a sideshow to everything this yearly coronation offers.

I know it’s not a favorite topic, since there are so many true football fans in Wisconsin, but there are 4 or 5 cities that should really be allowed to host this event.
New Orleans, Phoenix, Dallas, L.A. and Miami.  Warm weather for all fans to enjoy every event in cities that can hold the sheer size of this. 

I love Green Bay and the surrounding territories, but you would have to be here to understand what it is I’m talking about. 

Let’s just save up or cash for the Packers next trip to the big game.  Miami sounds great this time next year.