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Tom Seaver Diagnosed With Dementia

Bill Michaels
March 07, 2019 - 9:27 pm

It was the annual “Kid Glove Night” ball game at Riverfront Stadium.  My little league team was piled into my coach’s station wagon.  We were riding home after the game, listening to Marty And Joe on Reds Radio.  It was the wrap up show and Marty Brenneman spoke over Joe Nuxhall and said something like, “Joe it’s a done deal.  Tom Terrific is coming to Cincinnati”. The deal was done, Tom Seaver, the best pitcher in the majors for the last decade for the Mets, has been traded to the Reds.

We all went nuts in the car and my coach was laying on the horn and it was joyous, the car next to us was blowing their horn as well.  Heck, as we drove through downtown Cincinnati, people were pouring out of the bars and restaurants to jump for joy into the 5th street traffic.

Years later, the trade never resulted in another world series but Tom Sever brought some excitement to the Queen City for the next 5 years.|

Seaver’s family issued a statement yesterday that Tom, now 74, "Has been diagnosed with dementia and is retiring from public life.”

While Tom Terrific may not have the best of memory anymore, he certainly gave me more than a few wonderful ones.  Best of luck and my sincere prayers.