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Too Little Too Rusty

Bill Michaels
December 17, 2017 - 9:48 pm

The script was written.  The savior was on the field, down one score, driving as time ticked away.  The triumphant return after surgery was in sight. 

Then…. Geronimo Allison, on an out and in move, caught a bullet from Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, took a couple of steps and then coughed up the football, giving it to the Carolina Panthers along with the contest and most likely the remaining hopes for a post-season appearance. 

Sure, it would be easy to blame Allison, but his turnover was only 1 of 4 on Sunday.  Rodgers had 3 poorly thrown balls that looked as if he really wasn’t “his old self”. The tosses from Rodgers fluttered short of their target and found the arms of the opponent. 

The reality of this game was that the quarterback was rusty after 8 ½ weeks of rehab and the Packers defense played as its usual self; lost, undisciplined, over pursuing, poor fundamentally and, at times, well enough to give you a tad bit of hope.

Too bad Hundley couldn’t beat at least one team with a winning record.