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The Weekend.....

Bill Michaels
April 29, 2018 - 9:43 pm

The sports weekend in Wisconsin can be found under the headline, “Well that sucked”.

The Bucks get run out of the gym in a final game 7 due to the energetic Boston Celtics and the Brewers get swept in a 4-game series at the hands of the Chicago Cub.  The Brewers scored a whopping 2 runs in 4 game while being shut out of 3. 

For the Bucks, it’s yet another season of sub-par performance and a 1-and-done exit in the post-season.

For the Brewers, they have now lost 7 out of 8 to the team from the Northside of Chicago.  Talk about a kick to the gut. 

Well, at least the Packers seemingly fortified their depleted secondary.  For his first draft, Packers new GM, Brian Gutekunst certainly seemed to garner good talent and another first round draft pick going in to next season.

What I don’t understand is drafting a punter and a long snapper.  It’s like you’re putting together this masterful dinner with steak, potatoes, a good vegetable, a fine wine and then throwing in a taco shell and popcorn. 

I know right…I don’t get it.