Who Really Knows What The Helmet Rule Is

Bill Michaels
August 20, 2018 - 10:12 pm

Coaches, players and fans understand and appreciate that the NFL wants to make the game safer.  We all want to believe that the NFL really does have the best interest of the players and the game in the forefront.

However, after just a couple of weeks of pre-season football, alarm bells are going off. No one, especially fans, seem to know what exactly the new helmet rule means nor how specifically it is going to be implemented. 

The game itself has lost its rhythm and continuous action.  There doesn’t seem to be a flow to the NFL anymore.  It’s a herky jerky contest surrounded by commercial breaks that lends itself more for channel surfing rather than intrigue and action that draws you in and holds your attention. 

With only a few years left until the collective bargaining agreement expires the NFL had better figure things out because you just get the feeling that there is a tipping point coming and the fans patience seem to be growing thin.