Responsibility Covers Every Packer

Bill Michaels
November 26, 2018 - 1:32 am

The season is all but mathematically over for the Green Bay Packers.  Everyone wants to point fingers as to who is to blame.

So here goes… Everyone.

Let’s start with the Special Teams - Fumbles, broken coverages and terrible, untimely penalties have made this unit awful.

The Defense: Kevin King can’t stay healthy, the lack of consistent pass rush, the absolutely awful contract given to a worthless Nick Perry, Ha Ha Clinton Dix’s regression and bad attitude and the lack of quality depth has left Mike Pettine with not much more than prayers.

The Offense: The loss of Jordy Nelson (Rodger’s buddy and “go-to guy”), Randall Cobb’s injury, the loss of Geronimo Allison, the bad knee of Jimmy Graham, lack of offensive line depth and the double teaming of Devante Adams has left Aaron Rodgers with only rookies to work. In addition, the $170 million man, while his stats are good, he has not lived up to his monetary equivalent. 

I won’t discuss Rodgers any further since some of you seem to think I’m piling on and apparently that's sacrilegious in this state.

Now the Front Office: Let’s give Gutekunst a bit of a pass here. After all, he just took over this past season and has only had one draft and offseason to try and fix the holes left by the previous GM who was allowed to stay in the job probably three years too long.

Couple all of this together and that leaves you looking for a new head coach and a team taking a long hard look at itself in the mirror this offseason.

That’s it!