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Bill Michaels
January 15, 2018 - 9:11 pm

The Saints Marcus Williams is now known as the defensive back that allowed the 2017 Minnesota Vikings to advance to the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia. 

With :10 seconds remaining in the game, Vikings QB Case Keenum threw a lofted pass to WR Stefon Diggs.  As the pass sailed, Williams just needed to bring down, slow down, ANYTHING to tackle Diggs.  Time would expire and the Saints would be off to Philly but instead, Williams launched himself, head down, in the general direction of Diggs and whiffed badly. 

Now this isn’t a dissertation about the rival Vikings going deep into the post-season. This is a commentary on the fundamentally unsound, and quite lame, tackling ability….or lack thereof….by weaker players in the game today. 

When your best attempt to tackle a ball carrier is to throw yourself at him hoping he trips over you, I have to ask myself; in the biggest moment of your pro career is THAT the best you have?  A whole season of great plays don’t mean anything when you’re home next week watching it on TV like the rest of us.