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Knee-ding Hope

Bill Michaels
September 19, 2018 - 9:40 pm

Ties stink, we know that.  It’s almost unamerican to tie right?

Well in the grand scheme of things, if the Packers win the next two games, they will be 3-0-1 for the first quarter of the season….and that’s not that ad by many accounts.

What is bad, is the knee of Aaron Rodgers.  Now whether 12 is playing possum or telling the truth, that’s yet to be determined but I will tell you one thing, and here’s my Mater Of The Obvious moment, there is no ore season without Rodgers.

While the Packers d has improved a bit over last year, that group is still light years away from where they need to be to carry this team.

Maybe things will evolve defensively as the season draws on but there is no doubt that is Rodgers knee improves, we’re about to witness something special offensively in Green Bay.  They may be a year away yet, but I can see it coming….can’t you?