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Baseball Is At A Crossroads

Bill Michaels
October 18, 2018 - 10:55 pm

The state of baseball is in the regular season and not what October brings.

What we’re seeing in today’s post-season is the abandonment of launch angles and sabermetrics for a big dose of curveballs and off-speed stuff.  We’re not seeing power pitchers drill the corners with pinpoint accuracy and asserting dominance. We are witnessing match-ups and gamesmanship.

Take game 5 between the Brewers and Dodgers for example, there were 32 strikeouts and only 15 hits.

The days of the strike out being a long walk of shame are over when all that matters is grip it and rip it.  The days of stolen bases and sacrifice bunts are fleeting when the extrication of fundamentals were replaced by the dramatic shift.

315 minutes, that’s over 5 hours, for a 13 inning game seems like a nail biter in the post-season but it’s a giant yawn for the attempted capturing of attention in a regular season game in June.

Baseball is at a crossroads and the next path will determine the viability of the game for years to come.

New school vs. old school or maybe just common sense vs. overthinking it.